It all began six years ago, on a balmy summers evening in a small town in Oxfordshire, England. Two people, meeting for the first time, agreed that to travel the world one day would indeed be a wonderful thing. Seven years and several continents later, Mark and Molly are slowly but surely finding themselves in various corners of the globe. With a camera in hand, together with an inquisitive nature, they decided to document their journeys and encounters and to call it Yonderblog.

yon·der/ˈyändər/adverb: at some distance in the direction indicated; over there.

adjective: that or those (used to refer to something situated at a distance)

noun: the far distance.

A longstanding ice-cream peddler with an affection for brown paper and tea.
An aficionado of burgers, beer and odd time signatures. Preferably all together.